Access Advanced


Access Advanced


Duration: 2 days


Computer knowledge required: You should already be familiar with the features covered in the Access intermediate course.

The Access Advanced course will teach you how to create much more advanced databases with plenty of added functions.

You will start off by learning how to create parameter queries –more interactive queries where you can specify certain criteria for the queries.  You will also learn about action queries that perform a certain action (like append or delete).  You will learn how to join tables and create queries to get information from different tables.  You will also learn more things that you can do with the Forms and to group certain options.  Creating macros will speed up your work, because they contain repeated actions or information that need to be completed automatically, for example if you select a town, the postal code for that town must be filled in.  You will finally learn how to add a sub form – that is a form within another form.  Sub forms are especially effective when you want to show data from tables or queries with a one-to-many relationship.  You will learn how to customize your form with different pages, how to add pictures to your database.  The last chapter is a project where you build a complex database.