Computer Literacy


Computer Literacy


Duration:4-5 days


This is an Introductory course for people with very little, or no knowledge of the computer.  You will start with Introduction to Computers where you will become more familiar with the mouse and keyboard, you will also learn about Paint and WordPad (two programs that come with Windows) and saving, opening and printing documents.

You will then be introduced to the Windows environment, moving and sizing windows and the very important concept of copying or cutting information within one or two documents.

You will learn about Microsoft Word, how to type basic documents, how to do spell checks, and how to change the appearance of text  (including the size, font, and colour)

You will also be introduced to the Internet and how to send and receive e-mail.

Lastly you will be introduced to Excel where you will learn how to make a basic spreadsheet and use Excel to calculate simple values. You will learn how to create presentations in PowerPoint that you can use as a slide show which can be displayed on your screen, or be printed as overhead transparencies, outlines or printed hand-outs.  You will learn how to use the drawing tools to create shapes, add pictures and WordArt that will attract the audience's attention