Excel Advanced


Excel Advanced


Duration: 3 days


Computer knowledge required: You should be familiar with Excel and be able to calculate formulas and use functions – including the Sum, Max and Min functions.  You should also be familiar with Page Set-ups, including Headers and Footers.

 You will learn how to customize the Excel environment to speed up the way you work.  For example you will learn how to add a specific button to the toolbar, add names to cells, and to create styles for fonts you often use.  Excel has many built-in functions, and some of the most important advanced functions are covered in detail, including IF and VLOOKUP.  You will learn about errors and the Auditing features that will help you to track these errors.  A PivotTable report is an interactive spreadsheet that you can use to quickly summarize large amounts of data.  You can rotate its rows and columns to see different summaries of the data, and filter the data by displaying different pages.  You will learn how to work with more than one Excel file and also create a Workspace file.  You can group certain information of your spreadsheet by using Outlines.  You will learn how to consolidate (combine) data and how to structure a spreadsheet for consolidation.  Excel has tools that you can use to obtain a quick result; you will learn Goal Seek and Solver to do just that.  Scenarios are useful if you have a situation where you want to see the result of changes made to certain data (“What if I increase my e enses with 10 %?”) and compare the different scenarios with each other.  You will learn how to protect the spreadsheet, how to hide certain information, and to make use of Custom Views.