Excel Intermediate


Excel Intermediate


Duration: 2 days


Computer knowledge required: You should be familiar with Excel and be able to calculate formulas and use functions – including the Sum, Max and Min functions.  You should also be familiar with Page Set-ups, including Headers and Footers.

The first chapter shows you how to work and link with more than one sheet.  You will learn how to create charts by selecting the correct data, to modify the chart to display only certain information, and format the appearance of the chart.  You will also learn to add other graphical elements in a spreadsheet that can emphasise certain data, for instance a circle around the lowest sales-figure.  You will learn a quick way of entering lists and the correct way of sorting.  Lists can be very long, so you will learn how to show only certain information in your list with filters.  With a well-designed list, you can also create subtotals.