Microsoft Project


Microsoft Project


Duration: 4 days


Computer knowledge required: Good mouse, keyboard and typing skills with knowledge of how to Save and Open documents.  Excel introduction is highly recommended.

This course covers Microsoft Project in detail to assist you to do project planning and management.  Project planning concepts are also covered throughout the course as guidelines for effective project planning.  From Chapter 1 to 8, you will learn how to create a project plan utilising Microsoft Project.  This is the most important part of any project and all the tricks and the best way of doing things are learned.  You will learn about tasks, relationships of tasks, calendars, summary tasks, resources, and costs.  You will learn how to analyse your project and resolve conflicts.  Once the project is under way, careful management and tracking of the project must be done.  You will learn about baselines, tracking the tasks and adjusting the schedule.  You will also do a project where everything you’ve learned is put together.