Pastel Payroll


Pastel Payroll


Duration: 3 days


Computer knowledge required: You must be familiar with typing, editing and formatting in Word and know how to Save and Open documents.

This is a course on how to do accurate and law-obeying Salaries and Wages-processing with Pastel Payroll.  With Pastel Payroll you can process monthly, fortnightly, and weekly paid employees.  The course starts off with teaching you how to create a company and do the necessary set-ups.  You will then learn how to add bank details, job codes, and employee's details and create profiles.  The processing of payslips is covered in detail, including statutory, travel allowance, pension fund and medical aid transactions.  You will also learn how to terminate and reinstate employees.  You can also process special payroll runs such as annual bonus, back pay, etc.  A variety of Reports are available, including Payslips, all Tax year-end reports, and statutory certificates.  Leave processing includes the accrual of days due and detailed leave records for annual, sick, and other leave types.  During the course tax and the effect of certain transactions for tax purposes, are also discussed.