PowerPoint Advanced


PowerPoint Advanced


Duration: 2 days


Computer knowledge required:  You should already be familiar with the features covered in the PowerPoint introduction course.

You will learn the advanced concepts of effectively creating presentations in PowerPoint.

You will first of all learn how to work with templates to speed up your work.  With templates you will learn how to add design elements, like graphics and logos that are often used in your presentations.  PowerPoint presentations need to be eye-catching and therefore ClipArt pictures are often used in them.  In this course you will learn how to change these pictures by taking them apart and changing the colours.  Some more advanced object-drawing techniques will also be learned.  You will also learn how to create tables in PowerPoint and importing objects, for example a Microsoft Word document or Excel table.  You will learn how to customise PowerPoint, for instance to customise the toolbar to display your commonly used buttons.  You will also be able to create an interactive presentation by learning how to work with hyperlinks.  To make the presentation livelier, you will also learn how to add animations and movie clips.