Report Writing


Report Writing


Duration: 4 days


(Includes Advanced Features of Word)

Computer knowledge required:  You should already be familiar with the features covered in the Microsoft Word intermediate course.

You will learn how to lay out letters, memorandums and reports in the correct way.  You will also learn how to structure your grammar in the correct way.  This course also covers advanced features of Word, and you will learn how to use those features to create a professional-looking report.  You will learn how to add larger tables, styles, captions, indexes, footnotes, comments, hyperlinks, and cross-references to your reports.  Outline view and subdocuments are also discussed.  You will also need to know how to keep track of changes other users have made to the report, and keep track of different versions of your report.  You will learn how to add organizational charts, graphs, spreadsheets, and equations to a report.