Word Advanced


Word Advanced


Duration: 3 days


Computer knowledge required:  You should already be familiar with the features covered in the Microsoft Word intermediate course.

You will learn how to work with larger, more complicated tables.  You will also be able to create predefined formatting known as Styles.  Templates are documents that will save you time because all the often-used information has already been set-up (like letterheads).  Mail Merge makes creating envelopes much easier.  It is also useful if you want to send out personalised letters to a lot of people.  You will learn how to insert Captions, Indexes, Footnotes, and cross-references to your documents.  You will learn how to add hyperlinks in your document for easy navigation.  Macros are recorded actions that are performed over and over.  By recording a macro you do not need to repeat the actions many times but simply run the macro to let the computer do all the work.  Outline view will save you time when you want to re-organize a document.  Outline view is also extremely helpful with Master documents – where you can add subdocuments to a main document.  You can also use this when working in workgroups where different people must compile or work on different parts of the document, and then have all the subdocuments in one final document.  You will also learn how to add comments to documents.  You will also need to know how to keep track of changes other users have made to the document, and keep track of different versions of your document.  You will learn how to add organizational charts, graphs, spreadsheets, and equations to a document.  Lastly you will learn how to create and use forms in Microsoft Word.